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Back Off! You’re too close.

Back Off! You’re too close.

Safety talking points:

How to determine a safe following distance:

      • Perception Distance:The distance a vehicle travels while a driver is identifying, predicting and deciding to slow down for a hazard.
      • Reaction TimeThe time it takes for a driver to execute a decision once a danger is recognized. The distance your vehicle travels while you react is called reaction distance.
      • Braking DistanceThe distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver begins pressing on the brake pedal until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Other Contributing Factors:
Brake Lag:  The time it takes for a broke signal to travel to all wheels on the Tractor-Trailer (about 3/4 of a second).

Short Term Goals:

      • Prevent crashes by allowing plenty of distance between our trucks and the motoring public.
      • Give knowledge to drivers about the importance of having enough following distance.
      • Drivers that are defensive.

Long Term Goals:

      • Prevent all accidents by ensuring we are following vehicles at the appropriate distances.
      • Have a company full of defensive drivers.